Guacamole Pizza


I created something dangerous today.

Well, it was more like last week, but nonetheless, it was an awesome meal! I was expecting company over and decided to be a bit crazy and create a guacamole pizza! This was the perfect opportunity to make the guacamole pizza because I was worried with only Dan, myself, and Éowyn, we would not be able to eat it in time before it turned brown (you know how avocado is.) But my company ended up having to postpone and I had already cooked the pizza dough in the oven so I was committed now.

One word: Amazing! We loved it! There were no worries about the pizza going bad because we gobbled it all up (Dan did take some slices for lunch the next day, but the avocado held up fine.) I am proud to say that my creation of guacamole pizza worked!

Read the full recipe here:

Victoria Demetri